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Experience the next level of comfort with our advanced heating services.

smart home

Revolutionise Your Living with Smart Heating

When it comes to heating your home, Heat-Plex understands the importance of efficiency and convenience, especially considering the unpredictable UK weather. Our mission is to integrate modern living into your everyday life, helping you reduce energy bills and enhance practicality.

Optimal Comfort

Utilising smart scheduling, our connected heating systems ensure your home reaches the perfect temperature exactly when you want it.

Room-specific Control

Direct the heat where it's needed the most with our innovative systems that can control different rooms individually.

Industry Knowledge

We continuously invest in training and stay updated with industry advancements, allowing us to provide superior solutions.

smart home

Embrace the Future of Home Heating with Heat-Plex

Are you ready to embrace a smarter way of heating your home? Imagine speaking to Alexa to control your heating, delivering the perfect level of warmth with a simple command. It’s time to step into the future with our Smart Tech heating solutions. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and book a visit. We’re excited to help you transform your living space into a hub of smart and energy-efficient comfort.

Heat Plex Ltd
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Caitlin SmithCaitlin Smith
17:24 02 Feb 23
Heatplex were great. They were able to help us out at short notice and get our old and faulty boiler working again. They were knowledge, easy to work with and efficient. Would recommend.
Fen PengelleyFen Pengelley
10:09 12 Dec 22
Joe was amazing at sorting our broken heating system, he is incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly. We have found him to be extremely reliable and assisting us with any follow up questions we needed help on. I always recommend him as the go to specialist in the SW London area.
Debbie HendersonDebbie Henderson
10:00 11 Nov 22
We've used Joe for quite a few years now. He does our annual boiler and gas fire service plus we also used him when we had a leak under our bath and more recently to replace all of the valves on our radiators. We are more than happy with the services that Joe provides. He's responsive, honest, friendly and courteous. I find that it can be difficult to get good tradespeople at the moment, especially ones that are responsive and I'm so glad that we found Joe a few years ago and can rely on him!
Alexandra WhiteAlexandra White
22:34 10 Nov 22
Joe did a great job installing my new boiler, quickly, reliably and efficiently. He provided an excellent service, even sending me a how to video (twice after I lost the first one). He puts a lot of care into the job and I would highly recommend him!
James LittmannJames Littmann
13:24 30 Sep 21
I've been using Joe for years - since he was a one man band. He's serviced our own boiler, as well as carrying out service and safety maintenance on our rental property. He's always been honest, good value and very reliable. He's also a genuinely lovey guy. I've recommended him to lots of people over the years. It's been a pleasure watching his business grow over the year and he deserves every success.

Smart Home FAQs

Smart heating systems allow you to control the temperature of your home remotely using a smartphone app or a smart home device. They are designed to provide optimal comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience.

Yes, our smart heating systems offer room-specific control, allowing you to direct heat where it’s needed most and save energy in rooms that are not in use.

Our smart heating systems are designed to work with most popular smart home devices, including Alexa. This allows you to control your home’s temperature with simple voice commands.

Smart heating systems use advanced scheduling and room-specific controls to ensure heat is used only when and where needed. This optimises energy usage and can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Simply get in touch with us via our contact form or call us directly. We’ll discuss your specific needs and schedule a visit to start the process of upgrading your home’s heating system.

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